Are you ready to burn some rubber?

  • Go wild in the legendary Caterham 7
  • Slalom events at locations around the UK
  • Full tuition from our expert team of instructors
  • Learn to control tyre-vaporizing donuts in a safe environment!

The Caterham Seven is widely regarded as one of the best handling cars on the planet, and you’ll well and truly understand why once you’ve had the chance to let rip on one of our Slalom Experiences. You’ll be flinging one of our specially prepared Caterham 7s around a tight and twisty course which will require you to slip, slide, donut and drift to conquer it and set the best possible time.

You will usually be part of a group of 20 guests, or less. After a demonstration run by our instructor, each guest will have a minimum of one practice run and three timed runs against the clock on each course layout.

Throughout the day you will receive expert instruction from our dedicated Caterham Drive Experience team as the courses get progressively harder and your speed increases. Whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to fully master the dark art of 360 degree tyre-vaporizing donuts, we promise that you’ll leave the day wearing a huge grin!

Our slalom events are pure entertainment and a great chance to drive a Caterham in a way that would get you arrested on public roads!

The Slalom Experience is available as a half-day or full-day package