Sideways is the new forwards…

  • Drift tuition in a high performance Caterham 7
  • Events at locations around the UK
  • Full tuition from our expert team of instructor
  • Learn to master the art of driving a car sideways!

With its light weight, high power and awesome handling the Caterham 7 is the ideal car in which to hone your drifting abilities. After spending the day looking out the side of the car as you gracefully slide around our specially designed drift courses nothing you drive will ever feel the same again.

An orientation and demonstration from our instructors will familiarize you with the cars and you will be taught to steer the car using the throttle. Initially you may find yourself spinning the car as you deliberately provoke power oversteer, but don’t worry as this is par for the course! You will then learn how to kick the tail out and hold the slide by balancing smooth steering and throttle inputs. There are few feelings more satisfying than controlling a massive tyre-melting drift and the ‘grin factor’ is simply off the scale!

The instructors will teach you both in groups and individually and we guarantee that you will have drifted a car before the day is out! When your confidence has grown we will change to a more challenging track layout designed to allow you longer drifts. Ultimately there will be 4 courses with the last giving you the opportunity to show off your new drifting abilities at a higher speed and through multiple corners. Our team will judge the three best drifters of the day and award prizes, but everyone leaves with a smile and improved driving skills!

The Drift Experience is open to drivers (with a full UK licence) of all abilities, however please note that the difficulty level is slightly higher than that of our Slalom Experience.